How To Apply requires you to have completed two things before you can submit an act.  First, you need an account, which is who you really are and how you log into the site.  Each individual can only have one login.  They're behind-the-scenes info and not available to the public.

Next, you need a Persona.  Your Persona is the information that is made publicly available: your stage name, your photo, your bio.  Not every account requires a persona (for example, Vendors don't need one), but if you're going to submit as a performer, you need one.  Further, you can have more than one Persona, like if you were submitting to perform and to teach and wanted a different bio to show up next to your class than showed up next to your picture in the show.  To make a Persona, log in and go to Your Account > Your Expo. Then click on Create A New Stage Persona, which is at the bottom of the middle column.  Add your info, upload a picture, and click the Save Persona button at the bottom.

Once you've done that, there are three steps to applying for The Great Burlesque Exposition:

  1. Creating Your Submission
  2. Purchasing Your Application Fee
  3. Submitting Your Act

Think of it like sending a letter through the mail.  The first step is you write the letter, maybe you re-write a couple of times, maybe you let it sit on your desk for a little while until you're 100% certain you want to send it.  On our site, you can create your Act Application and save it to come back and edit later.  Then you need to go to the post office to buy a stamp – that's your application fee.  You can't mail a letter without a stamp, and you can't submit an act without an application fee.  You can write multiple letters (you can create several applications for different acts) but you're going to need a stamp (application fee) for each one you want to send.  Last, once you've put the stamp on the letter, you have to mail it; it doesn't mail itself automatically.  So once you've finalized your act (on our site), and paid your application fee (at Brown Paper Tickets), you still need to click the submit button to send the application in.


Troupes are a special type of Persona that is considered an seperate entity from its members.  Have all the members of your troupe create an account and a persona.  Pick one person to be the contact person for your troupe and have them create a Troupe Persona by clicking Create A Troupe, which is at the bottom of the middle column on their personal page.  Once they do, they can create a troupe bio (which is different from any of the members), have a troupe picture, and select each member of the troupe from a list of all persona.

Example: Bad Bunny Burlesque has three members: Flopsy; Mopsy; and Peter Cottontail.  Each of the three registers for an account and then creates their individual stager personae.  They all agree that Flopsy is going to be the Troupe Contact, so Flopsy goes and clicks Create A Troupe, fills out the form to create a Troupe Persona for "Bad Bunny Burlesque", and adds Mopsy and Peter from the pulldown menu.

The Troupe Contact gets to make all the on-line decisions for the troupe, like what picture to use, which rehearsal slot the troupe is going to use, etc.  Other members of the troupe will see things like the troupe picture on their personal Expo page, or see the rehearsal slot on their schedule, but they won't be able to change them.

When the Troupe Contact goes to fill out an Act Application (by clicking the Propose Act button in the right column), they'll see that Performer is a pull-down menu and they can select either their personal Persona or the troupe's.  Then they just submit the act as normal.

Can I/We Submit More Than One Act?

You can submit as many acts as you like as individuals or as a troupe, but odds are only one of your acts is going to be accepted, so, unless you're performing both as a soloist and as part of a troupe, you're likely to do only one act over the weekend.  Each act submitted requires a separate application fee.

Example: Bad Bunny Burlesque has three members, so they can apply as 4 different entities: the troupe, and each of its three members.
  1. Bad Bunny Burlesque submits two different acts for consideration.  One of those acts is cast in competition on Saturday night.
  2. Flopsy submits one act.  She gets cast in the competition on Saturday night and she's performing with the troupe on the same night.
  3. Mopsy submits two acts.  She's not cast in anything, but she's still part of the group act on Saturday.
  4. Peter Cottontail submits one act.  She's cast in the Sunday night show (solo) and is performing with Bad Bunny Burlesque on Saturday.

In the example above, they've submitted six acts (so paid six application fees).